The Best Techniques of Parking Your Car

Basically, bringing the vehicle to a halt and leaving it there unoccupied for sometime is called a parking. Normally, parking is there on both the sides of the road. Parking can be outdoors or indoors, it can be on the side of the road or in a parking lot, it can be in the shared underground level or outdoor multilevel parking. Whatever be the type of parking areas available throughout the world, one thing is common and sure, proper parking techniques and parking skills are a must for ever car owner to bestow a sense of security and safety to one’s precious possession.

While there are various genres available for the car parking, knowing which to use and how to use each of them is a real art in itself. The basic common fashions of parking discovered till now are parallel parking, perpendicular parking and angular parking. Other than these there are other techniques like the attended parking, valet parking and tandem parking are practiced in a few cities. We shall see the details and some easy techniques for car parking in the following paragraphs.

There are generally tons of restrictions and rules when it comes to car parking. Be alert and attentive where you leave your car. Before parking the car, keep in mind the traffic laws of your state and the pavement marking rules and try to understand the situations you are not allowed to park your vehicle.

First things first-

?? Before actually parking, think whether parking here would be safe and legal. Check for any zones like the no parking zones. Be alert to the many restricted parking areas like the bicycle paths, just over the hill’s crest, near a railway crossing, near a post box or too close to another vehicle. Do not get them wrong or else you will be fined or your vehicle will be towed away in minutes before you even realize.

?? Your duty is not over once you have parked the car successfully. If you really care for your vehicle, leaving your car just like that for others attention can cause anxiety and unnecessary worries. It’s not about just getting robbed but also the car getting damaged physically. You do care for your car, but at times, the road is full of newly learned drivers who are not so good when it comes to parking or reversing the car.

Some of the easy ways to park your vehicle in different modes are explained here.

  1. Parallel Parking: As the name suggests you need to park the car in the line of the adjacently parked cars. This is highly needed in highly crowded roads in the cities. Choose space that has an extra five feet space than your car. Throw signals first. Place your vehicle parallel to the parked vehicle and see that there is a two feet distance between the two vehicles. Check the behind road once. It should be clear. Look over the level of your shoulder and back and gradually move towards the curb. Again swiftly, back up the car and turn to make a 45 degree angle from the curb. Turn the wheels in a direction away from the curb and get parallel to the curb. Place the car in forward gear and position it in the centre of the two cars.
  2. Perpendicular Parking: This type similar to angle parking is different only because it needs greater care while turning the vehicle.? This type of parking is there in most of the parking lots and gives spaces marked in a 90 degree angle to the curb.
  3. Angular Parking: In this type of parking, vehicles are designed to go only one way. You might need to stay at distance from the parking cars so you will see better and handle properly once you get n empty space. Stay alert because some car might be leaving their space to back out. Before turning, show signals.

Last of all, always ask your friend to shoe the distance between two cars, yours and the adjacent ones. That will make your work easy. Use these instructions and realize for yourself that parking a car is not that difficult a job.


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