Is warming up my car important

There are some old habits which are hard to get rid of when it comes to car maintenance. One of these is warming up the car. This is something that is practiced by a large number of drivers simply because they believe it helps ward off unspecified damage. Question is, do you really need to warm up your car? There are numerous setbacks that come with this practice and this reinforces the need to abstain from it. The effects this has on the environment are enormous and what is more, it also leads to other consequences. ?The following aspects shed light on the concept of warming up your warm.


Driving is more effective

If you are convinced that warming up your car is important, then idling is not the way to do it because it is actually ineffective. Driving your car is the only logical and effective way to warm it up. Most modern cars are designed with features that consume all the saved energy. As such, by the time you turn the ignition on, most of the energy is already used up and hence, you end up doing very little in recharging your battery.


All that is required is 10 seconds

Motorists are advised to turn their ignition off if they stop for over 10 seconds. This is important as it helps them cut down on fuel consumption and in the end, saves their wallet by a big margin. When you get at curbs, it is advisable to switch your car off.


It hurts your car

Starting your car to warm it up does not help it. Rather, it serves to hurt it. This is because then, gasoline is used inefficiently and this leads to a reduced mileage of your car as well as decreased engine performance.


When done in your garage it is dangerous

Most people tend to warm up their engines in the garage. This is extremely dangerous whether or not you leave the door open. Apart from been dangerous, it leaves the driver exposed to noxious gases and carbon monoxide which can be extremely fatal. What is more, if you have an attached garage, the fumes can find their way into your house posing a serious health threat to all your family members.


It costs money

Most people who prefer to use idling for purposes of warming up their vehicles assume that it only takes a couple of minutes and hence, no high costs are incurred. However, when you add up these costs and round them off into years, you will see how much money you are actually throwing away and on an aspect that does not do anything to improve the state of your vehicle.


It is an awful practice for your health

Idling is known to lead to omission of gasses which are harmful to your health. These are known to cause different kinds of diseases in kids and adults alike. Some of these include lung diseases, cancer, allergies and asthma among others. What is more, this not only affects you and your close family but other people as well who pass by your place. This is one of the most effective ways of increasing the level of pollution and it should be avoided at all costs.


All these factors point out the side effects and disadvantages associated with the decision to warm up your car. So the next time you are thinking about doing this, you should remember that there are no serious threats posed by not warming up your car. Rather, problems are created once you decide to walk down this path and use this old myth on car maintenance. Your car will be in excellent condition despite the fact that you don’t take time to warm it up.

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