How to protect your Car’s Engine

How often do you think of your car’s engine? Do you simply hop into your car and head to your destination without thinking about the state of your engine? Like most other people, you probably notice there is something wrong with your engine when you hear it making sounds or when it feels different than before?


Well, it is about time out made changes and started paying more attention to your engine. This means taking it for check up every once in a while. Doing regular maintenance is important for purposes of ensuring your engine is in excellent running condition. The following tips will help protect and keep your engine in perfect condition.


Change Oil

Your engines oil should be changed regularly. This oil is responsible for keeping vital parts well lubricated hence ensuring they don’t overheat. Without this oil, the engine cannot function properly and if there are long stretches between changes of oil, your engine is exposed to permanent damage. The duration within which you should change oil varies from one car to another and hence, it is advisable to talk to your mechanic to determine this.


This is a proactive way of protecting your engine and it is precisely for this reason that you need to look at your manufacturer’s car manual. If this information is not there, you can opt to take your research online. While at it, you also need to change your car’s oil filter. The filter is supposed to catch debris and dirt to keep it from blocking your engine. Once you change your oil and the filter, your car’s engine will operate smoothly. Most importantly, this will keep the internal parts of the engine well lubricated and cool.


Cooling System

This is comprised of the thermostat, coolant, radiator and the water pump. The cooling system helps prevent your car’s engine from overheating and as such, it is important to ensure you have the appropriate coolant amount. This is the only way to ensure it circulates throughout the engine. Whenever the engine begins to get hot, the thermostat detects this and the coolant is circulated through the engine for purposes of cooling it down. Make sure you check your car’s coolant level by lifting the hood and looking into the coolant tank. At all times, the coolant should be above minimum mark and below maximum mark. If you car’s engine is overheating it is an indication the coolant is below the required mark. Keep your coolant system in check always to prevent overheating of your car’s engine.


Let your Engine Breathe

Your car needs to constantly get fresh air. Apart from oil, air is extremely important for purposes of keeping your engine in excellent state. Air should get into your engine in a constant flor without any restrictions or debris. Air filters will keep the dirt, bugs and leaves out. The air filter gets clogged in accordance to your driving habits and if you let the filter get dirty, it will not do its work efficiently and can starve the engine of oxygen. When looking at the oil, check the air filter as well and ensue it is in perfect condition. If not, replace it for purposes of ensuring your engine gets air.


Check Leaks

Always check your car’s engine for leaks. You don’t need to be an expert mechanic to note leaks in your engine because they can be smelt. Engine hoses often fail as a result of intense pressure and heat. Check your hoses if they are made from rubber to see whether they have any cracks that might lead to cracks. Check your car constantly when you park it to ensure there are no leaks.


Change the Wires and spark

You can also proactively protect your car’s engine by changing the wires and spark plugs. Wires which run from the distributor send electrical currents to spark plugs and this in turn generates sparks which ignite air mixture and fuel into cylinders. When these are used over time they can trigger overheating of the engine. As such, you should change these regularly to protect your engine.

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