Ways you can buy a well maintained used Mazda Titan

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So, you have decided to buy a used Mazda Titan? You already have a budget in place and you know which Titan to buy. What else do you need to buy a well maintained Titan that will not be your source of disappointment? Buying a used vehicle is no easy task. If you are not careful, chances are you will end up buying a vehicle that does little to meet your needs on the road. You can make well informed decisions when buying this vehicle by having a clear picture of what you need to be on the lookout for. As an informed buyer, chances are the used Titan you buy will meet and exceed your wildest dreams. Question is, what are some of the things you should never forget when buying this used vehicle?


Do not rely on the Dealers Word

It does not matter who told you about the dealer you intend to buy the used Mazda Titan from. Nor does it matter that they have a solid reputation. It is always important for you to take matters in your own hands and trust your own judgment. This means that before you decide to buy this used vehicle, the first thing you need to do is inspect the vehicle thoroughly. There are no two ways about this. Book an appointment with the dealer of the used car and take your time carrying out a thorough inspection of the vehicle you want to buy. Inspect the interior, exterior and the engine to confirm that everything is in perfect shape and as it should be.


Test Reliability

You need to test the reliability of the vehicle before committing to buy it. This means that you should always take the Mazda Titan out for a test drive. The dealer of the used car should give you time to carry out a test drive that will answer all your questions about the ability of the vehicle to meet your needs. When taking the used Mazda Titan for a test drive, you should pay close attention to how the engine comes to life. If there is any stalling then you need to reconsider your options. Taking the used Titan for a test drive is the only way to ensure you don’t end up buying a vehicle that does not meet your needs.


Take a Mechanic with you

When going to inspect a used Mazda Titan, you should ask a trusted mechanic to accompany you. A mechanic who understands vehicles well will be in a position to tell you whether there is anything wrong with it and hence, save you from the trouble of buying a vehicle that will not meet your needs or give you value for your money. While you might have to pay the mechanic for their services, it will go a long way to ensure that you don’t end up buying a vehicle that is below your expected standards. Do not take any chances if you want to get the most out of a used Mazda Titan. Consequently, make sure you don’t overlook this. Note that there are problems you might miss when inspecting the car on your own and it is for this reason that it is essential to hire a professional mechanic.


Taking time to weigh all your options when buying a used Mazda Titan will take you a step closer to buying a model that meets and surpasses your needs. Use online resources to carry out a search of all available Mazda Titan vehicles and choose one with features and specs that will address all your needs. A used Titan is not only affordable but a great investment as it gives you an opportunity to meet all your transport needs with great ease.



Why own a used Toyota Land Cruiser Prado?

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What image comes to mind when you think of Toyota Land Cruiser? Is it one of a powerful, reliable and dependable vehicle on the road? You are absolutely right. This vehicle has earned the reputation of been a high performer on the road and it is often associated with sophistication because of its make and features. If you want to own this vehicle but you are discouraged by its high price, you should not despair. This is because you can buy a used one which comes at an affordable price. But why should you settle for this car?


For starters, Toyota Land Cruiser is reputed for having some of the best features you will ever find in a car of its class. Some of the major highlights of this vehicle are as highlighted below.


  • It is known to deliver the best handling on and off road.
  • It comes with monitors for multi terrain.
  • The vehicle is designed with smart entry and push systems for purposes of enhancing its performance.
  • It is installed with pre-crash system which increases the level of safety enjoyed by the driver and passengers alike.
  • It comes with radar cruise dynamic control system.


These aspects are just some of the factors that make a used Toyota Land Cruiser a great car choice for someone looking for a high performing vehicle. Ideally, there are numerous other factors that also count and which make a used Toyota Land Cruiser Prado a smart car choice. Some of these are as highlighted below.



As far as the performance of this vehicle is concerned, you don’t need to have any worries. This used vehicle will meet and surpass all your needs while on the road and this is largely because of the features it comes with. Note there are different generations of Cruiser Prado to choose from and consequently, you need to identify which one you want before committing to buy one. Use the internet to find websites that sell these used vehicles and go through their catalogue to find exactly what you are looking for.


Responsive Driving

If you love the feel of a vehicle that does not disappoint, by choosing to buy used Toyota Land Cruiser Prado you are making the right choice. This is because this vehicle is known to deliver responsive driving which makes your experience on the road enjoyable every time you get out. Note that this car comes with low rpm exhaust emission as well as high torque, fuel efficiency and valve exhaust timing. It is all these factors that make this powerful Toyota Land Cruiser Prado a must have.



The cost of a brand new Land Cruiser Prado can shoot through the roof and stretch your budget to untold proportions. However, this does not have to be the case as long as you choose to buy a used Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. Take time to carry out thorough research and find a car that is within your budget range. This is because the price of this vehicle varies in accordance to its generation, features and specifications.


There is no doubt you are now convinced that a used Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is the car for you. However, before you get into the market to buy this vehicle, there are a couple of things you need to consider. For starters, make sure the dealer you choose to buy this vehicle from has a solid reputation of delivering in accordance to customer needs. Take your time to look into the background of the dealer and read reviews about them before commencing to order the used Cruiser Prado from them. Above all, make sure you confirm the Toyota Land Cruiser you intend to buy is in perfect condition before closing the deal.

How to protect your Car’s Engine

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How often do you think of your car’s engine? Do you simply hop into your car and head to your destination without thinking about the state of your engine? Like most other people, you probably notice there is something wrong with your engine when you hear it making sounds or when it feels different than before?


Well, it is about time out made changes and started paying more attention to your engine. This means taking it for check up every once in a while. Doing regular maintenance is important for purposes of ensuring your engine is in excellent running condition. The following tips will help protect and keep your engine in perfect condition.


Change Oil

Your engines oil should be changed regularly. This oil is responsible for keeping vital parts well lubricated hence ensuring they don’t overheat. Without this oil, the engine cannot function properly and if there are long stretches between changes of oil, your engine is exposed to permanent damage. The duration within which you should change oil varies from one car to another and hence, it is advisable to talk to your mechanic to determine this.


This is a proactive way of protecting your engine and it is precisely for this reason that you need to look at your manufacturer’s car manual. If this information is not there, you can opt to take your research online. While at it, you also need to change your car’s oil filter. The filter is supposed to catch debris and dirt to keep it from blocking your engine. Once you change your oil and the filter, your car’s engine will operate smoothly. Most importantly, this will keep the internal parts of the engine well lubricated and cool.


Cooling System

This is comprised of the thermostat, coolant, radiator and the water pump. The cooling system helps prevent your car’s engine from overheating and as such, it is important to ensure you have the appropriate coolant amount. This is the only way to ensure it circulates throughout the engine. Whenever the engine begins to get hot, the thermostat detects this and the coolant is circulated through the engine for purposes of cooling it down. Make sure you check your car’s coolant level by lifting the hood and looking into the coolant tank. At all times, the coolant should be above minimum mark and below maximum mark. If you car’s engine is overheating it is an indication the coolant is below the required mark. Keep your coolant system in check always to prevent overheating of your car’s engine.


Let your Engine Breathe

Your car needs to constantly get fresh air. Apart from oil, air is extremely important for purposes of keeping your engine in excellent state. Air should get into your engine in a constant flor without any restrictions or debris. Air filters will keep the dirt, bugs and leaves out. The air filter gets clogged in accordance to your driving habits and if you let the filter get dirty, it will not do its work efficiently and can starve the engine of oxygen. When looking at the oil, check the air filter as well and ensue it is in perfect condition. If not, replace it for purposes of ensuring your engine gets air.


Check Leaks

Always check your car’s engine for leaks. You don’t need to be an expert mechanic to note leaks in your engine because they can be smelt. Engine hoses often fail as a result of intense pressure and heat. Check your hoses if they are made from rubber to see whether they have any cracks that might lead to cracks. Check your car constantly when you park it to ensure there are no leaks.


Change the Wires and spark

You can also proactively protect your car’s engine by changing the wires and spark plugs. Wires which run from the distributor send electrical currents to spark plugs and this in turn generates sparks which ignite air mixture and fuel into cylinders. When these are used over time they can trigger overheating of the engine. As such, you should change these regularly to protect your engine.

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How to inspect a used Toyota CAMI before buying it

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How to inspect a used Toyota CAMI before buying it

When shopping for a used Toyota CAMI, you need to be 100% sure about the kind of deal you are getting. While it is true that this vehicle can give you an enjoyable and unique experience while on the road, it is also true that if you happen to make the wrong move, you will end up with a car that barely meets your expectations. To help you carry out a thorough inspection of this used car before buying it, consider the following.


  • Rust

Toyota CAMI is designed with the most advanced manufacturing standards. While this is the case, rust is great enemy and you should be on the lookout for this when buying this used car. Rust damages the appearance of a car and lowers its value. It is quite expensive to repair a car damaged by rust and in some cases, the damage is often irreversible. Therefore, inspect the car in broad daylight and keep your eyes open for any rust bubbles which often tend to progress into holes and full scale spots.


  • Undercarriage

Before buying a used Toyota CAMI, you should look at the underside of the vehicle. When doing this check, use a flashlight and inspect frame rails and floor pans. Be on the lookout for any signs of rust or differences in appearance. If you come across a section that appears to have been freshly painted, this is an indication that the car has been repaired. Look at the wheel wells as well to see whether they have any signs of rust. It is essential not to overlook any of these aspects if you want to buy a dependable used Toyota CAMI that will not be a source of disappointment.


  • Tires of the CAMI

Next, you need to look at the tires of the CAMI before committing yourself into buying it. Note that tires can tell a story about how the CAMI was taken care of as well as how it was driven. Ensure the tires have tread that guarantees safety. If the tread is worn out, you should reconsider your options and search for another option. Tires of this vehicle are supposed to wear in an even manner and if this is not the case, it is an indication that the CAMI has been damaged as a result of an accident or the alignment is out of order.


  • Check all round the Car

Walk around the used Toyota CAMI and look for any signs of dents, rust or dings. Take time to check the doors, trunk and hood to confirm they are in perfect shape. These should close well and seal perfectly as well. Try the locks, doors and windows. While these tests might seem like a waste of time, they can save you a significant amount of cash on repairs. Therefore, do not overlook any of these things when checking out the used CAMI.


  • Engine

Finally, you need to look at the engine and to help you with this, consider the following.


  • Evaluate overall state of the vehicle. Confirm that the engine is clean and there is no leakage of oil or any other fluids. Keep the details in your mind as you will have to do the check once more after test driving the Toyota CAMI.
  • Check for signs of rust on the strut towers and shock.
  • Is there any fresh paint sign?
  • Turn off the engine and look underside the cars fan belts for any signs of obvious wear or cracks.


Buying a used Toyota CAMI that will not disappoint you is considerably easy as long as you take time to look at all the factors mentioned here.

Toyota RAV4 is the Car for you if you are always on the Road

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Toyota RAV4 is known as an all round athlete car on the road. Whether on the motorway, out on safari, heading off to unbeaten trucks or taking a family adventure, the RAV4 will not disappoint you. This vehicle is designed to do everything that you want in a tireless manner. If you want to buy this vehicle, a brand new one might be out of your range. This does not mean that you cannot become the proud owner of this vehicle though. You can search for a well maintained, reliable used Toyota RAV4 vehicle that will meet your needs.


But what exactly makes this car a great choice? Having answers to this question is pertinent in helping you decide on whether or not to buy the vehicle. This vehicle is designed to meet the needs of people who are always on the go. Since it is a Toyota, you can rest assured that it will offer you reliability, durability and quality. The vehicle also features engine technology that is fuel efficient. It is all these factors that make Toyota RAV4 a completely exciting, enjoyable and practical SUV. In addition to this, it is also economical, dependable and practical machine that is designed to maintain its value for years.


It is this last fact that reinforces the benefits of buying a used Toyota RAV4. Considering the fact that this car is athletic, you might be tempted into thinking that it is greedy on usage of fuel. However, this could not be further from the case. The RAV4 is a great when it comes to consumption of fuel and this is because it is designed with aerodynamic performance which combines advanced technologies to make the SUV a high performer.


At this point, there is no doubt that the prospect of owning this vehicle sounds like a pretty great idea. However, before you actually get out into the market to shop for this vehicle, there are a couple of things you need to consider in order to ensure that it will not disappoint you. Top on the list, if you want to own this vehicle, you should note that it comes with different types of engines to choose from. As such, you need to carry out thorough research of the kind of Toyota RAV4 you want to buy. Find a used car dealer that will educate you on your options in order to ensure you make an informed choice.


Another aspect you need to consider is the state of the vehicle you want to buy. While this vehicle is known as a high performer, it can only deliver to your expectations if it is in perfect condition. Therefore, do not make any second guesses. Make an appointment with the dealer of the used vehicle for purposes of checking out the vehicle. Look at the interior and exterior of the vehicle. While doing this, you should check out the engine of the vehicle.


Finally, you need to find out what the market price of the vehicle is. With so many dealers in the market and different Toyota RAV4 models to choose from, you should settle for one that is within your price range. By ensuring none of these factors are overlooked, you increase your chances of getting the exact kind of RAV4 that meets your needs. While carrying out your search, you should also identify the dealer you will buy the vehicle from. They should have a solid reputation for delivering on what they promise.


Toyota RAV4 is an amazing vehicle that can change the way you view travel and been on the road. Therefore when shopping for a used Toyota RAV, you can rest assured that it will meet and surpass your needs on the road.

Your guide to buying a used Mitsubishi Rosa

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Finally, you have made the decision to buy a used Mitsubishi Rosa but you don’t have the slightest clue on how to go about the entire process. Mitsubishi Rosa, as every driver will attest is known as a reliable and powerful vehicle. However, you can only get the most out of this vehicle if it is well maintained and what you are looking for. To help you buy this vehicle and make some informed choices, you should consider the following.


  • Determine the age of the vehicle

When buying a used Mitsubishi Rosa, one thing you need to consider is the age of the vehicle you want to buy. Some of these cars are too old warranting that you should enjoy extra discounts. Remember that if you settle for an extremely old car, it means that you have to carry out constant repairs on it and this might end up been more than you can afford. It is always better to settle for a used Mitsubishi Rosa that is at least 3 to 5 years old. Note that most dealers of this used car list the model year rather than production year. Be careful to consider when the car was manufactured by looking at its registration date. It is only by doing this that you stand the chance of buying a Mitsubishi Rosa that will not disappoint you a couple of years down the line.


  • Are there any Repairs needed?

If you want to get the most out of this vehicle, you should not buy one that is in need of repairs. This is because in the long run, such cars tend to increase your maintenance costs by a large margin. When carrying out a safety inspection, the car you want to buy should be in perfect state. Do not be tempted into buying a used Mitsubishi Rosa that is need of repairs simply because it is fetching a low price. It is far better and advisable to settle for a higher priced used Rosa that does not need any extra work to get start running effectively.


  • What is the Mileage?

Before buying a used Mitsubishi Rosa, it is also important for you to take into consideration its mileage. You should not settle for one that has a low mileage or one with a very high mileage. However, the fewer miles covered, the better the vehicle. Exercise caution though and do not put too much weight on the mileage only. You need to take into consideration other aspects such as reliability, options, the condition of the car and its mechanical state. ?Ideally, you should look for a Mitsubishi Rosa that has covered 80,000 to 13,000 miles. Of course this will depend on the budget you have in mind. If you can’t afford a used Rosa that has covered low mileage, consider settling for one that does not have any mechanical problems as it will save you the cost of having to deal with repairs.


When shopping for a used Mitsubishi Rosa, you should always exercise caution when choosing the dealer to buy it from. Not all dealers are as reputable as they claim to be. Therefore, look into their background and confirm they have what it takes to meet your needs. In addition to this, you should also browse through the different generations available in order to understand the features they offer and how they can be of help to you. It is only by doing things like this and weighing all your options that you stand the chance of buying a used Mitsubishi Rosa that will not be a source of disappointment to you. Always make sure you don’t overlook any of the aspects mentioned here when buying a used Mitsubishi Rosa.

Is warming up my car important

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There are some old habits which are hard to get rid of when it comes to car maintenance. One of these is warming up the car. This is something that is practiced by a large number of drivers simply because they believe it helps ward off unspecified damage. Question is, do you really need to warm up your car? There are numerous setbacks that come with this practice and this reinforces the need to abstain from it. The effects this has on the environment are enormous and what is more, it also leads to other consequences. ?The following aspects shed light on the concept of warming up your warm.


Driving is more effective

If you are convinced that warming up your car is important, then idling is not the way to do it because it is actually ineffective. Driving your car is the only logical and effective way to warm it up. Most modern cars are designed with features that consume all the saved energy. As such, by the time you turn the ignition on, most of the energy is already used up and hence, you end up doing very little in recharging your battery.


All that is required is 10 seconds

Motorists are advised to turn their ignition off if they stop for over 10 seconds. This is important as it helps them cut down on fuel consumption and in the end, saves their wallet by a big margin. When you get at curbs, it is advisable to switch your car off.


It hurts your car

Starting your car to warm it up does not help it. Rather, it serves to hurt it. This is because then, gasoline is used inefficiently and this leads to a reduced mileage of your car as well as decreased engine performance.


When done in your garage it is dangerous

Most people tend to warm up their engines in the garage. This is extremely dangerous whether or not you leave the door open. Apart from been dangerous, it leaves the driver exposed to noxious gases and carbon monoxide which can be extremely fatal. What is more, if you have an attached garage, the fumes can find their way into your house posing a serious health threat to all your family members.


It costs money

Most people who prefer to use idling for purposes of warming up their vehicles assume that it only takes a couple of minutes and hence, no high costs are incurred. However, when you add up these costs and round them off into years, you will see how much money you are actually throwing away and on an aspect that does not do anything to improve the state of your vehicle.


It is an awful practice for your health

Idling is known to lead to omission of gasses which are harmful to your health. These are known to cause different kinds of diseases in kids and adults alike. Some of these include lung diseases, cancer, allergies and asthma among others. What is more, this not only affects you and your close family but other people as well who pass by your place. This is one of the most effective ways of increasing the level of pollution and it should be avoided at all costs.


All these factors point out the side effects and disadvantages associated with the decision to warm up your car. So the next time you are thinking about doing this, you should remember that there are no serious threats posed by not warming up your car. Rather, problems are created once you decide to walk down this path and use this old myth on car maintenance. Your car will be in excellent condition despite the fact that you don’t take time to warm it up.

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Thinking of Buying a used Mitsubishi Canter, Avoid these 5 mistakes

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Mitsubishi Canter is one of the most reliable commercial trucks. If you are making plans to buy this truck, but you don’t have the budget for a brand new one, you can always settle for a used car. While a used Canter is available at an affordable price, most people shy away from buying it because they are afraid of making mistakes. However, this should not be the case. As long as you know what to look for, it is far easier to buy a Canter that is in perfect shape and capable of serving you for a long time to come. The following are common mistakes you need to avoid when buying a used Mitsubishi Canter.


Limiting your Search

When buying a used Canter, it is important to work with all the options you have. Do not limit your search for this case to your local area. Thanks to the internet, it is possible for you to access different Mitsubishi Canter generations and find one that perfectly meets your needs. Car dealers who have websites offer detailed information and listings about the used Canter vehicles they have for sale and you can take advantage of this to find exactly what you are looking for. Doing this gives you an excellent baseline price and makes it easy for you to find a well maintained Canter at an affordable price.


Do not get hooked

When looking for this truck, it is easy to come across one that captures your attention and gets you hooked. However, do not settle so easily unless you have take time to review what other options you have. Review multiple Mitsubishi Canter options and settle with one that will meet your needs on the road. Do not merely settle down with one that meets your budget.


Don’t Simply Rely on the Dealers Word

All accidents are not reported and while small issue like a bent fender should not keep you from buying a good Mitsubishi Canter. However, before you commit yourself to purchase this vehicle, it is essential to remember that a firsthand evaluation of the truck can tell you a lot of things. True, most dealers of this car post photographs online but these can be misleading. You need to avoid buying a poorly maintained truck at all costs. You should get a complete history report of the Canter you intend to buy for purposes of confirming it is in as good a shape as the dealers claim it to be.


Always Research

Before getting into the market to search for this car, it is essential that you gather as much information as you can about it. Take time to discover how many generations of used Mitsubishi Canter are available and the features they come with. In addition to this, you have to determine whether it can offer the reliability you are looking for. Visit websites that have Canter for sale and browse through the generations available in order to get an idea of what each has to offer. You can also read reviews about the specific Canter you are interested in.


Don’t go alone

You don’t want to go purchase a used Mitsubishi Canter alone. You need help to find one that will meet your needs on the road and the only way you can do this is by visiting certified and mechanic shops to get someone who can accompany you to your pre-purchase inspection. There are a couple of benefits associated with this. For starters, the mechanic will inspect the underside of the Canter for any signs of rust, damage or leaks. In addition to this, they will carry out a road test for purposes of establishing that the car does not have any problems that you might have missed.


If you look at all these factors carefully when buying a used Mitsubishi Canter, chances are you will end up making an extremely informed decision.


Why Don’t You Plan To Drive For A Change?

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Bored of your daily hectic schedule? Everybody often complains of his or her busy lifestyle and work pressure. So why don’t you plan to drive for a change? A recent research study has shown that due to the pressure at work and business younger generation has exited the passion for driving. It is almost said that the boom of driving is getting over in the 20th century. As a result there is less number of youngsters who are getting their driving licenses these days. Nowadays, people are getting so much busy and involved in their regular work that they hardly seem to get any time to drive their private vehicles.

It is often found that such people often tend to hire highly trained and professional drivers to drive their private cars. It seems that the stress level of work has indeed left the driving passion less enthusiastic for drive. Driving is not just about the roads and traffic. If you can get away from the business of life and plan a trip to the countryside is almost like rejuvenation to the body and soul. Due to busy schedule we usually keep ourselves trapped in the cities to keep momentum with our lifestyles. However this tends to become boring as days pass by and we hardly get time to relax from the stressful life indoors.

Driving is also stressful in the weekdays when you are off to work and end up getting stuck in traffic. But it is not always so, you can really enjoy your drive as you move out of the city on a hill or country road to enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature. There are some countries in which there is a trend of self-driving tours, this has resulted in high enthusiasm and passion by some drivers who love self-driving. There are innumerable enthusiasts who still practice the self-driving whenever they get any leisure or vocational times they never miss out on going for a drive over weekends.

You never need to plan drive-trip months in advance. It’s not like going off on an exotic location like Caribbean or Europe or getting list of the site seeing place where you may need to visit and plan your holiday. At times, you may even feel to wander away from you hometown or city and get in midst of some getaway places just like a spur in the moment. It may be a result of a few rough weeks at work or maybe you start feeling lousy from the atmosphere at home. You may feel the need to get away; such spur of moment trips often can add a lot of fun to your lives. They provide a sense of adventure and in a way you do not know till the last minute where you are going.

So, if you want to get out of your busy schedule and boring routine lifestyle we suggest you plan a weekend drive. But there are a few things you ought to take care of while you plan. You may need to do a good research about the place you want to go to enjoy your drive and relax. Plan your route in a way so that you can thoroughly enjoy a comfortable driving experience. Book for the destination hotel and resorts well in advance so that you might not have to return just driving back! If you are planning to visit unexplored destinations then better to get directions. Plan your trip with better organization of resources and stuff you need to carry. Over and above everything you may need to check the condition of your car and prepare it for the journey. Lastly you may pick the right kind of travel music to make your drive experience enjoyable.

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The Best Techniques of Parking Your Car

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Basically, bringing the vehicle to a halt and leaving it there unoccupied for sometime is called a parking. Normally, parking is there on both the sides of the road. Parking can be outdoors or indoors, it can be on the side of the road or in a parking lot, it can be in the shared underground level or outdoor multilevel parking. Whatever be the type of parking areas available throughout the world, one thing is common and sure, proper parking techniques and parking skills are a must for ever car owner to bestow a sense of security and safety to one’s precious possession.

While there are various genres available for the car parking, knowing which to use and how to use each of them is a real art in itself. The basic common fashions of parking discovered till now are parallel parking, perpendicular parking and angular parking. Other than these there are other techniques like the attended parking, valet parking and tandem parking are practiced in a few cities. We shall see the details and some easy techniques for car parking in the following paragraphs.

There are generally tons of restrictions and rules when it comes to car parking. Be alert and attentive where you leave your car. Before parking the car, keep in mind the traffic laws of your state and the pavement marking rules and try to understand the situations you are not allowed to park your vehicle.

First things first-

?? Before actually parking, think whether parking here would be safe and legal. Check for any zones like the no parking zones. Be alert to the many restricted parking areas like the bicycle paths, just over the hill’s crest, near a railway crossing, near a post box or too close to another vehicle. Do not get them wrong or else you will be fined or your vehicle will be towed away in minutes before you even realize.

?? Your duty is not over once you have parked the car successfully. If you really care for your vehicle, leaving your car just like that for others attention can cause anxiety and unnecessary worries. It’s not about just getting robbed but also the car getting damaged physically. You do care for your car, but at times, the road is full of newly learned drivers who are not so good when it comes to parking or reversing the car.

Some of the easy ways to park your vehicle in different modes are explained here.

  1. Parallel Parking: As the name suggests you need to park the car in the line of the adjacently parked cars. This is highly needed in highly crowded roads in the cities. Choose space that has an extra five feet space than your car. Throw signals first. Place your vehicle parallel to the parked vehicle and see that there is a two feet distance between the two vehicles. Check the behind road once. It should be clear. Look over the level of your shoulder and back and gradually move towards the curb. Again swiftly, back up the car and turn to make a 45 degree angle from the curb. Turn the wheels in a direction away from the curb and get parallel to the curb. Place the car in forward gear and position it in the centre of the two cars.
  2. Perpendicular Parking: This type similar to angle parking is different only because it needs greater care while turning the vehicle.? This type of parking is there in most of the parking lots and gives spaces marked in a 90 degree angle to the curb.
  3. Angular Parking: In this type of parking, vehicles are designed to go only one way. You might need to stay at distance from the parking cars so you will see better and handle properly once you get n empty space. Stay alert because some car might be leaving their space to back out. Before turning, show signals.

Last of all, always ask your friend to shoe the distance between two cars, yours and the adjacent ones. That will make your work easy. Use these instructions and realize for yourself that parking a car is not that difficult a job.